Tall White ETs in Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada  

Tall lWhites




Interview of Charles Halllldone by,  Michael E. Salla, PhD


“Tall White” Extraterrestrials, Technology Transfer and Resource
Extraction from Earth – An Analysis of Correspondence with Charles

What follows is based on recent correspondence with Charles Hall
from December 5-14, 2004 where he answers a number of questions,
regarding the existence of `tall white' extraterrestrials that he
met while serving at Nellis Air Force base as a duty weather
observer from 1965-67. His experiences are recorded in his three
volume set of books, Millennial Hospitality (for details see ). I found Charles Hall to
be a credible witness of extraterrestrials that he met while serving
at Nellis AFB, and he displayed remarkable qualities of integrity
and fidelity in explaining the events that occurred.

In this correspondence with Charles Hall, I asked a set of questions
on December 5, which he answered by email on December 12. I then
sent some follow up questions which he answered on December 14. My
aim in this correspondence was to focus of the activities of
the `tall whites' and their interactions with the US Air Force
(USAF) in terms of better understanding the details of their trade
and technological exchanges. The questions and answers from this
correspondence have been thematically organized, and grammatical
corrections have been made. I begin this paper with the questions
and answers supplied by Charles Hall. I finish this paper with my
evaluation of his correspondence which I believe is vitally
important in gaining a better idea of the political implications of
the tall white's secret trade and technology agreements with US
military/government authorities.

Michael E. Salla, PhD
December 16, 2004

M.S. Michael Salla
C.H. Charles Hall

M.S. You describe the tall whites as building scout crafts using
materials found on Earth. Can you elaborate on how you came to know
this information?

C.H. This information is based on my personal observations. In
book two I describe the afternoon when The Teacher and Range Four
Harry were showing me the inside of one of the scout craft. Many of
the items, such as the seats and the overhead compartments still
carried the mold markings placed on them by various American
industries such as Boeing aircraft and Lockheed Corporation. The
overhead compartments were obviously "off-the-shelf" items from
companies such as Airstream Corporation. Many of the clothing items
that the tall whites were wearing were obviously purchased straight
out of the Sears and Montgomery Wards Catalogs.

M.S. Can you name some of the materials used by the tall whites, and
what role
did the
US military play in supplying these materials?

C.H. One of the big items was children's clothing. In the mid
1960's, on at least one occasion the USAF purchased more than
$600,000 worth of children's clothing from the Sears stores and
warehouse in Los Angeles, California, picked it up in Government
trucks, and shipped it to Indian Springs Auxiliary Field, Nevada.
The trucks delivered the clothing to the main tall white base at the
north end of
Indian Springs Valley.

M.S. Did you ever see the tall whites eat, and what kind of food did

C.H. I never personally saw the tall whites actually eat food,
although I'm quite certain that they ate food as we humans do. For
example, as described in my books, I did see the tall white guard in
the restaurant the old Aladdin casino ( before it was remodeled )
sitting at the table behind me, disguised as a human wearing a black
formal suit and wearing sunglasses even though it was night (not
unusual for Las Vegas, Nevada at the time). He had ordered a complete
dinner with water and cola to drink. It was on the table in front of
him. However, he did not appear to have eaten any of it. My friends
who are range maintenance men told me that in the fall they
frequently saw the tall whites up in the mountains collecting grass
seeds and seeds of other eatable plants apparently for the purpose
of eating. In any event, I'm certain that the tall whites ate only
plants and never ate any meat or any of the ordinary meat products.

The food that I saw packaged and sealed in plastic bags on the
scout craft, looked like thick mushroom pudding. It had obviously
been prepared by the tall whites themselves, up in their living
quarters and was intended for snacks and meals to be eaten when they
were out hiking, etc. The Teacher at that time stated that the food
was intended for the children but that sometimes the adults ate it
if they were hungry. The Teacher used to make a pleasant joke about
the little boy that I called the little fat astronaut. She used to
laughingly say that he was the one who liked the food, so perhaps
they felt that the food here on earth wasn't as tasteful as the food
they were used to back on their home planet. On a different occasion
The Teacher stated pleasantly that it wouldn't be a good idea for me
to eat all of the foods that they ate. She implied that two of their
favorite foods would have adverse effects on me. It was my
understanding that it might take my body as long and 2 years (for
one) and 5 years for the other to get used to them. It was my
understanding that eating those foods made a person feel very "HIGH"
somewhat similar to drinking various quantities of alcohol.

I note from my studies of organic chemistry that the chemical
molecule that gives the odor and flavor to strawberries is such a
chemically simple molecule that it could be easily created by both
plants and chemists on earth-like planets throughout the galaxy. For
example, I'm told that a number of plants here on earth produce
fruit that tastes similar to strawberries.

Likewise from my studies of Organic Chemistry, the sugar and starch
molecules are the basis of energy foods and must certainly be
important energy sources on every earth-like planet in our galaxy.
Therefore, my guess is that one of the types of food that the tall
whites would enjoy would be strawberry flavored puddings that were
high in natural sugars and starches. As I remember it, the tall
white guard sitting in the old Aladdin restaurant had ordered a
piece of artificially flavored strawberry pie although he did not
appear to have eaten any of it.

M.S. What kind of food was supplied by the USAF to the tall whites?

C.H. I have no idea. However, the USAF was certainly supplying them
with as much food of any type they requested. As I state in book
one, the Tall Whites were inspecting the food storage rooms in the
Indian Springs AAF chow hall. It was my understanding that a few of
the tall whites foods are made from plants that do not grow here on
this earth. It is my understanding that their home planet is larger (
perhaps twice as large) much drier and much warmer than the earth.
So it would be natural for some of their plants to be unable to grow
here on earth.

M.S. Was the food given to the tall whites in excess of their local
needs and intended for interstellar trade?

C.H. The USAF was obviously willing to give them as much of any food
item that they requested, no questions asked. The USAF was obviously
entirely willing to give them both food and non-animal based
clothing items (cotton, nylon, etc) without limit for use as
trading materials.

M.S. Did the US play any role in the actual construction of the tall
white's scout craft?

C.H. I'm not sure. From what I saw, the tall whites performed all of
the construction activities themselves. I'm certain that the tall
whites performed all work on the propulsion systems and on the fiber
optics windings themselves.

M.S. Did the military have personnel observe the tall whites in the
construction process or observe their construction facilities?

C.H. I'm certain that the tall whites did not allow any USAF
personnel to observe the construction process. In book two, in the
chapter entitled "Two Games on one Board" I describe the day that I
was able to observe their repair activities from a short distance.
To the best of my knowledge, I am the only human that was allowed to
view those activities from as close as I was.

M.S. You described the hangar that was used as a base for the larger
interstellar spacecraft used by the tall whites. Was this built
solely by the tall whites or did the US military play a role in this?

C.H. The hanger appeared to have been entirely constructed by the
USAF for use by
the tall whites. For example, the inside of the hanger looked just
like any other ordinary
aircraft hanger. It included ordinary fire extinguishers, arrows
marking exits, etc. In addition to writing and signs on the walls in
English, it also includes hieroglyphics and icons used by the aliens.
The alien writing was done in pink paint against a white background.

M.S. When in your view was the hangar supplied by the USAF for the
whites built?

C.H. I have no idea. However, I'm certain that the legends of Range
Four Harry
go back at least as far as 1954. The hanger construction ( i.e. its
steel supports, its other materials, it's lighting designs, its
concrete doors that raised up in narrow sections
by being lifted up from the top, etc ) were consistent with the
techniques used in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

I note that President Harry Truman believed that he had seen a ghost
in the
white house during the late 1940's and early 1950's when he was
president. In his
description, he specifically stated that the white house guards
would first "fall asleep" before the ghost came. His description of
the ghost matches very closely the actual appearance and
behavior of an older tall white guard. President Truman mistakenly
believed that he had seen a ghost of President Abraham Lincoln. My
suggestion is that you research the stories of Lincoln's "ghost" in
the White House, the "ghost" of DONNA ANNA County in Las Cruces New
Mexico and at White Sands New Mexico (1947?).
My belief is that you will be surprised to see that descriptions of
these "ghosts"
and their behavior matches very very closely with the actual
appearance and behavior of the tall whites. Remember that many of
the range maintenance men who saw the tall whites
believed that they were seeing "ghosts".

M.S. Are all the bases used by tall whites in the US supplied and
constructed by the USAF?

C.H. I have no idea. My guess is that the answer is yes because I
only saw USAF
generals and personnel out on the Nellis Ranges.

M.S. You contrast nuclear powered propulsion as elementary for the
tall whites
which they supplied to the US military. You contrast this with anti-
gravity propulsion which they did not supply. Are these the only two
propulsion systems that the tall whites openly discussed or make
known to the US authorities or to you?

C.H. Yes, as far as I know.

M.S. You mention that the tall whites supplied the know how for
nuclear powered scout craft. Did the tall whites actually fly
nuclear powered scout craft when on Earth or did they use anti-
gravity propulsion in their scout craft?

C.H. The tall whites always used the anti-gravity powered space
craft and scout
craft. The nuclear powered craft were only for use by the USAF.

M.S. What kind of speed were the nuclear powered scout craft capable
of, in contrast to the anti-gravity propelled scout craft?

C.H. Vastly slower. The anti-gravity craft were capable of speeds in
excess of
the speed of light where as the nuclear powered were capable of just
ordinary rocket powered speeds.

M.S. Why do you believe that the tall whites took USAF officers for
short trips to the moon?

C.H. Because of the significant number of times that I personally
saw the Tall Whites
using their scout craft ( with groups of USAF Generals on board )
taking off more or less straight up from Indian Springs valley just
after sun rise when the moon was in the fourth quarter. The scout
craft always headed towards the moon. Then later the same day, I
would personally see the same scout craft returning just before noon
back to the Indian Springs valley and landing. When the USAF
Generals got off the craft they were laughing like they had just
come back from the world's best amusement park.

M.S. Do the tall whites have bases on the moon or other nearby

C.H. I have no idea. However, as described in my writings, on the
day (in book two) when I was shown the inside of one of the scout
craft Range Four Harry stated, in what he considered to be a
humorous story about the American Generals, that the reason the tall
whites had taken a small group of American Generals for a short ride
in the craft was to discuss the American request for help in
building bases within the solar system.
Harry stated that the tall whites believed that the earth itself was
the only reasonable location for bases within this solar system
because all of the other locations were cold and uninhabitable.

M.S. Do you know if the tall whites assisted in the construction of
moon facilities for the USAF?

C.H. I have no idea. However, I can't imagine that the USAF would
undertake such
construction without first requesting help from the tall whites.

M.S. Did you ever hear of the tall whites taking officers to Mars or
any other planet on one of their shuttles?

C.H. Yes. One occasion was described in my answer above. There were
a number of other occasions that I am not able to describe in emails.

M.S. Would you surmise that in the almost 40 years since you last
communicated/interacted with tall whites, that they may have
supplied the
know how for larger craft to the US military as part of more recent
technology exchange agreements?

C.H. I can only guess. I would not think the tall whites would have
their policy. They live roughly 10 times longer than humans. Forty
years isn't much time
for them.

M.S. You mention that the tall whites regularly used Earth as a port
of call for their large interstellar ships. Do you have any idea of
what the cargo was for these ships that presumably were engaged in
some sort of trade?

C.H. I feel certain that children's clothes and adult clothes and
food stuffs were big items. I also feel certain that pure refined
metals such as aluminum and titanium were also included in the trade.

M.S. Any estimate for the total number of tall whites on Earth?

C.H. In book three in the chapter entitled "The End of the
Innocence" I describe personally seeing more than 200-300
individuals lined up along the base of the mountains to the east of
range three. Each large deep space craft could probably hold
approximately the same number of individuals as a typical passenger
cruise ship.

M.S. Would it is fair to say that the US military limits the number
of tall
whites on Earth due to the fear of them colonizing the Earth?

C.H. I can only guess. However, I would doubt very seriously that
the US
government has the ability to place any limits of that type on the
tall whites. The tall whites are very independent. As I describe in
my books, I wouldn't think that any human, US government or
otherwise would dare saying "No" to them or trying to limit them
against their will. It would be suicide to try. Any such agreement
would have to be very carefully negotiated.

Evaluation (M.S)
the tall whites' construction of scout craft using material supplied
by the USAF immediately strikes one as quite significant. Why would
an interstellar race with advanced technological capabilities
require local material unless those tall whites on Earth were
expected to fend for themselves using what local material was
available? The tall whites are presumably in a very analogous
position to the first colonists in the New World who needed local
material while waiting to be resupplied by the mother colony. In
exchange for local material and a base constructed by the USAF, the
tall whites give in exchange the technological know how for the
construction of nuclear powered scout crafts for visiting planets in
the solar system. This suggests that the US have capabilities for
space flight that far exceeds what is publicly known, and gives
credence to allegations that secret military bases exist on the Moon
and Mars ( ).

The statement that the tall whites take on board their large
interstellar ships material such as aluminum, titanium, food as well
as clothes for both children and adults suggests that an active
interstellar trade is occurring. The tall whites are acting as
interstellar merchants identifying and gaining possession of Earth
resources that are used by the tall whites for undisclosed purposes
elsewhere in the galaxy. Charles Hall explains that the US would
supply food to the tall whites without any questions, and that this
would be used as part of the trade the tall whites were engaged in.
Now the question to be raised here is just how extensive is this?
How much food are the tall whites taking, and is it exclusively for
their use? Could it be used to supply, for example, populations on
other planets that have a food shortage? Alternatively, could it be
used to feed captive human populations relocated to other worlds?

Now what strikes one as quite odd is the reliance on human clothing
and food by the tall whites. It is strange that the tall whites
require human clothes in excess of their local needs, if there truly
exists such a local need by the tall whites for human clothing as
Charles Hall was led to believe. Why wouldn't the tall whites prefer
their own clothing products both on and off Earth? After all,
colonialism was historically distinguished by the colonial rulers
imposing their own dress codes and customs on local populations. The
tall whites hardly come across as profound admirers of humanity and
its civilization as Hall reveals in his description of their
contemptuous attitude towards USAF servicemen, and how they viewed
the abundance of less intelligent life forms on Earth as very
primitive. Indeed the tall whites stated that "[o]n most planets,
once people become intelligent, they don't want to have anything to
do with the animals that are much less intelligent than they are, so
they kill them off." (Millennial Hospitality II, p. 349). Would such
an extraterrestrial race with a contemptuous attitude for less
intelligent life forms, voluntarily wear the clothing of what they
regard as a less intelligent species?

It is hard to accept that the tall whites have a preference for
human clothes since this is not a behavior described by other
individuals who have had contact with human looking extraterrestrial
races in general. It is more likely that the clothes supplied to the
tall whites by the USAF was to be used for purposes other than
clothing the tall whites either on Earth or elsewhere. One plausible
purpose is for interstellar trade. This would imply that the tall
whites are trading with off humanoid races that may find human
clothes to be exotic and attractive in the same way modern Europeans
might find traditional Chinese clothes attractive. Another possible
use is that the tall whites are using the clothes to supply humans
from Earth that have been relocated to other worlds visited or
controlled by the tall whites.

As in the case of food, was the real purpose of the clothes supplied
to the tall whites intended for humans that were secretly being
relocated by the tall whites? Could the use of human clothes by the
tall whites described by Charles Hall have been a cover for the real
use of the clothes, to clothe humans shipped to interstellar
locations as a part of a resource exchange program? Perhaps, more
disturbingly, could the food and clothing supplied to the tall
whites be part of a resource exchange program that the US military
is aware of but feels powerless to stop? All these questions require
further investigation by those committed to making public exactly
what Earth resources are being given to the tall whites, and for
what purposes.

This takes me to the final issue which concerns Charles response
that the tall whites can't be restricted in any way by the USAF. He
believes that it is suicidal to try to restrict the tall whites, and
that only carefully negotiated agreements can be made with them.
This is reminiscent of the comments by Col Phillip Corso that the US
had entered into a kind of `negotiated surrender' with an
extraterrestrial race: "We had negotiated a kind of surrender with
them [extraterrestrials] as long as we couldn't fight them. They
dictated the terms because they knew what we most feared was
disclosure" (The Day after Roswell, p.292). Hall certainly believes,
along with the US military, that the tall white's technological
superiority forces the US military to enter into agreements that may
not reflect very favorable terms.

In Millennial Hospitality, a revealing passage describes the extent
to which the tall whites want to instill in Charles a sense of the
technological superiority of the tall whites and the ineffectiveness
of any offensive measures (vol II, pp. 274-75). Charles is told to
throw a rock at a tall white guard and reluctantly complies only to
witness it being stopped in mid-flight, along with other rocks that
were thrown. This display of technological superiority was designed
to demonstrate to Charles, and presumably, the USAF, the failure of
any kind of attack on the tall whites. However, rather than
demonstrate the tall whites technological superiority, doesn't this
act of bravado achieve the very opposite? Doesn't it reveal that the
tall whites are perhaps too eager to impress upon Charles and the
USAF the futility of any kind of attack on the tall whites? This
eagerness most likely comes not from a sense of invulnerability, but
from a perceived weakness that they are intending to hide.

It has been speculated by remote viewers such as Ingo Swann that
extraterrestrial races with advanced technologies are actually quite
vulnerable to the advanced psychic abilities of humans (Penetration:
The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, 1998). If it
is accurate that the tall whites feel vulnerable to some human
potential that might threaten them, then it may be that psychic
abilities are what the tall whites fear, rather than US military
technology. If this is the case, then that might explain why Charles
Hall has been allowed to come forward and reveal to the general
public his remarkable contact experiences while serving in the USAF.

If the tall whites are engaging in resource extraction from Earth on
terms that the US military and/or the `shadow government' is unhappy
with but feels unable to change, then the US military/Shadow
government may be looking for some way to change the terms of their
agreements. If Swann and others are correct about human psychic
abilities and the potential of human consciousness, then releasing
this information to the general public may be a means of introducing
global consciousness as a factor in what has been secretly

In conclusion, Charles Hall reveals important details about the
nature of the agreements between US government/military authorities
and the tall whites. The resource extraction that is occurring may
be nothing more than the benign exchange of food, clothes and metals
for advanced technology supplied by the tall whites. On the other
hand, a more sinister extraction of Earth resources is happening,
one that may involve the relocation of humans who are fed and
clothed by material supplied to the tall whites by the USAF, who
feel powerless to prevent this. Whatever the truth concerning the
resource extraction that is happening, it is important that the
general public become informed of what is occurring in these secret
trade agreements, and ensure that such transactions are marked by
transparency, accountability and a democratic decision making
process. Not only are these desirable political processes an ethical
response to the trade agreements with the tall whites, these
processes may prove to be a very wise strategic move in dealing with
a more technologically advanced extraterrestrial race.

Michael E. Salla, PhD
December 16, 2004


It is mistaken to believe that tsunami's are purely
caused by unpredictable seismic events. There is technology in
existence that can spark such tragic seismic events. This technology
is possessed by both military governments and by extraterrestrial
races. Here is a quote from former
US Defense Secretary William
Cohen revealing the existence of such technologies:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism
whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes
remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are
plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in
which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and
that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism]
efforts." - Defense Secretary William Cohen, 1997.

This famous speech by Cohen was a clue that deadly technology exists
and can be used to spark events such as the giant earthquake off
Sumatra. This raises the question of why would governments or ET
races do this? Let us offer an answer to this based on some recent
research we have been doing in the Charles Hall case.

Charles Hall gave testimony of a race of tall white
extraterrestrials who have agreements with the
US Air Force where in
exchange for giving technology related to space travel, the ETs
receive certain earth resources, metals such as titanium and also
large quantities of food and clothes, especially children's clothes.
These clothes were ostensibly for use by the tall whites and taken
on their regular interstellar ships that visit the Earth carrying
cargo for trade. Our evaluation of the Hall testimonies is that these
clothes and food are probably used for human cargoes shipped off as
part of an interstellar trade.
Major of Earth resource taken off planet by the tall whites are human
children, as evidenced by the children's clothes given to them by
the USAF, and condescending comments by tall white females over how
humans don't love their children like the tall whites do.
What we would like to offer is a hypothesis for what happened during the
earthquake and tsunami. I believe that the quake was probably
sparked by ETs using scalar technology. The resulting devastation
makes it possible for large numbers of people to simply be abducted
for the interstellar slave trade that I believe exists, and is well
known by government authorities. Most of the abductees are children
who appear to be the most precious resource desired by the ETs
conducting this kind of trade. Here are some comments from the
Boston Globe news story on what happened with regard to children
victims of the Tsunami:

"Many of the dead and missing were children - as many as half the
victims in
Sri Lanka. ``Where are my children?'' asked 41-year-old
Absah, as she searched for her 11 youngsters in Banda Aceh, the city
closest to Sunday's epicenter. ``Where are they? Why did this happen
to me? I've lost everything.''

while it can be guessed that natural disasters will naturally take a
heavy toll on children, it certainly is interesting to note that
many are already questioning the large number of children that have

Now do the tall whites actually conduct the abductions of humans
trapped in these disaster zones? There is no evidence for that
occurring, but I believe it is conducted by other extraterrestrial
races such as the Grays who are well known to be conducting
abductions involving large numbers of individuals. The Grays have
developed the expertise for abducting large numbers and while during
ordinary times these are returned as 'abductees', it is very
possible that in disaster scenarios the abductees are not returned
and are taken off planet or used in other ways. This is something
that the contactee Alex Collier has revealed about the Gray
extraterrestrials known as the Dows:

Grays abduct civilians and then when this can be done without

 Alerting the general public, have them transported
off planet as part of a slave trade by races such as the tall
whites. Why such a convoluted arrangement?  We believe the answer is
in the nature of the agreements the tall whites have reached with
the USAF and shadow government authorities in contrast to agreements
with the Grays. Basically, the tall whites have permission to
conduct interstellar trade using Earth resources, while the Grays
have permission to conduct abductions for genetic purposes but can't
take abducted civilians off planet. While there are large numbers
of 'friendly' extraterrestrial races monitoring the situation who
have the power to intervene and prevent Grays abducting civilians
and taking them off planet, it appears they do not have the power to
do so when races such as the tall whites do this since the latter
have binding agreements with the USAF for conducting interstellar
trade using 'various earth resources'. If the tall whites and grays
cooperate with their respective agreements reached with shadow
government authorities, all is in place for an interstellar trade
involving abducted civilians.

This of course is a very disturbing scenario, however, the bright side

To all this is the growing level of compassion that accompanies

Such global disasters. While such disasters give a cover for large

Numbers of civilians to be taken as part of an interstellar slave trade,

The same disasters help unleash global compassion/empathy

For the victims/survivors which ultimately strengthen us as a planetary culture.

This makes it more difficult for extraterrestrials to conduct these kinds of dark activities.


The empathy and concern that we generate for one another during such tragic events is the best defense against
the `dark side' of what may be actually happening during such global
disasters. So we can take heart in the tsunami of compassion
sweeping the planet as our greatest strength, while educating our
minds as to the true cause and purpose of such events

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